Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Carnival Triumph Not So Fun Cruise & Our Thoughts

Many of our customers have wanted to know our thoughts are on the Carnival Triumph engine room fire this week and we've responded to all your questions and concerns. This morning I received a call from a customer who wanted to know is cruising still safe and will I continue to cruise and my answers were yes, yes and I can't wait until my next cruise. 

I sent the following information to her and wanted to share it will everyone.

I would like to remind everyone that every aspect of the cruise experience is heavily regulated and monitored under both U.S. and international maritime law - and cruise lines meet and often exceed numerous international and federal codes and regulations designed to maximize the safety of passengers aboard ships. This is one element the media doesn't want you to know.

Nearly 21 million passengers are expected to enjoy safe cruise experiences around the world this year, according to Cruise Market Watch. That’s a 3.3% increase in capacity over 2012.

The cruise industry is one of the most highly regulated industries. Any country to which ships sail has the right to board vessels at any time unannounced for inspection.

Each and every crewmember is required to receive training in emergency procedures, safety, security, and first aid, and to participate in and abandon ship drill and fire drill once every month.

In the rare situation when an engine fire occurs on a ship, crew members are armed with the necessary training and equipment to quickly ensure all passengers and crew are safe. The average cruise ship typically has five firefighting teams whose main members have advanced shipboard firefighting training, 4,000 smoke detectors, 500 fire extinguishers, 16 miles of sprinkler piping, 5,000 sprinkler heads, and six miles of fire hose. Sprinklers and smoke detectors, as required by international regulation, are located throughout the ship.

Finally, in rare cases when lifeboats would need to be deployed, the cruise industry as a whole has worked to improve sea worthiness in which lifeboats can be loaded quickly. For example, Royal Caribbean requires its lifeboats to be capable of launching even with a 20% list. Royal Caribbean also requires its lifeboats to have 125% capacity for those on board the ship.

We are here to assist our clients; their safety and well-being is our top priority.

Whether traveling domestically or internationally, our number one priority is always our clients’ safety and well-being.

Our business is founded on repeat customers. Therefore, we want to be sure everything goes off without a hitch. A majority of cruise clients are repeat cruisers, so they understand the safety procedures aboard the major cruise lines and have enjoyed that vacation style so much that they continue to book cruise vacations.

We also work closely with cruise lines to remain informed of security precautions they’re taking to guard our clients’ safety.

We strongly advise our clients to heed all passenger preparedness drills in the event of an emergency. We are advocates for our clients; and they know that by working with a true travel professional, we are there for them before, during, and after their trip should they need us – which gives them peace of mind.

Because we, as travel professionals, take care to thoroughly counsel and advise our clients on what they can expect, our clients are confident in the vacation choices they are making.
We provide the facts so our clients can make informed decisions about their travel plans.
We believe in providing the facts as we know them to our clients so they may make informed decisions regarding every aspect of their travel plans.

We closely monitor the latest news and weather updates, as well as the U.S. State Department website, for travel alerts and travel warnings for all destinations, including those that are most popular with our clients.

Should we become aware of an issue for a specific destination or cruise ship, we alert clients who may be planning to travel there so they can determine for themselves if they still wish to travel.
Should we become aware of an issue for a specific destination where a client is currently located, we try to immediately contact the client to check on their well-being and work to assist them if they require alternate travel arrangements.

Danny Fisher
Owner Nationwide Cruises & Vacations

We look forward helping you plan your next vacation.